Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sea Gooseberry videos

Prey's-eye view of a sea gooseberry. Unlike sea anemones and jellyfish, which have stinging tentacles, those of sea gooseberries are sticky

Higher magnification movie of the propulsion system - hairs (cilia) that are fused into eight rows of saw-tooth combs. Each row can be stopped and started independently, giving very precise directional control. The beating combs create flickering interference colours.

Side view of a sea gooseberry swimming

The long, trailing tentacles dangle below the animal. Swimming into a swarm of sea gooseberries, some of which are large enough to catch small fish, would be a fatal mistake for any small planktonic animal.

These are some videos of the sea gooseberries that I caught yesterday and posted at


You can read more about these remarkable animals at



  1. Great videos there Phil, especially of such a tiny creature.

  2. They really are fascinating animals John. There's another, larger species called Beroe that I've sometimes found that looks like an airship made of glass...


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